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Began in 1999 in the capital city of Jordan; Amman. Over the years, it soon became a leading name in the world of fitness training in the Kingdom. In 2006, Flex Fitness Center opened its second branch in the Khalda area. In 2010, Flex opened near the University of Jordan.


Best Fitness center in Amman, Khalda, Jordan
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This gained success can be attributed to never losing sight of Flex Fitness Center's core values. It shall not and will not stop there as the vision has always been to move forward and expand the reach; The Flex Reach... Flex Fitness Center has always been updated with the fitness world on a daily bases and has always made sure that its staff are exposed to the latest in fitness in terms of exercise routines, machines and their associated workouts, and health issues. Flex has also operated and incorporated high team spirits within its employees in order to show utter dedication when serving the Flex member. Flex Fitness Center utilizes its own Electronic Fitness Systems that provide fitness assessment and accordingly aid in creating the best daily fitness schedule which suits the tested member. Flex Fitness Center’s machines are all provided by Cybex International, Inc and Life Fitness; two of the leading manufacturers of premium exercise equipment for commercial and consumer use. The product lines from both companies include a full range of strength and cardio training machines.


What People are Saying

Professional Team

Very good gym for all workouts. Nice girl on receptionist allowed me to try today free. Thanks young lady. Didn't ask her name though.


Great Coaches

Great couch, the type that would push you to do more sets.


Nice Gym

It's a nice gym with great helpful staff. Coach alawneh is really helpful and gives great assistance and advice.


This theme is awesome and the designer is very helpful. I had a few questions purchase. He/She helped me with all the doubts. Also, they provide quick support. Thank you so much for a beautiful theme

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